LotteryWest Searches for 21 Million Lotto Winner

LotteryWest, the Western Australia lottery group, announced said that it was still on the lookout for the winner of a $2.1 million Division One Lotto ticket.

The LotteryWest lotto winner hit the jackpot on Saturday night after purchasing a ticket in Coolbellup, and LotteryWest is still waiting for the winner to come forward and claim the prize.

The ticket was sold at Coolbellup Newsagency, and the owner, Martin Dawkins, said that in a 28 year period, five Division 1 tickets had been sold.

"It had been three years since we last sold a big winner and we were definitely due to sell another one," he said.

Describing "excitement and happiness" amongst his customers, Dawkins said that lots of people were coming in to check to see if they held the winning Division 1 numbers.

"We all just hope its someone from our community," he said.

42 Western Australia Lottery Winners

With the latest $2.1 million lottery win registered in Saturday’s Lotto draw, 42 Western Australian players have won $45 million worth of prize money in Division One wins since the beginning of the year.

Last year, LotteryWest managed to raise nearly $259 million for local causes, including hospitals, sports and recreation, charities and more.

For every dollar spent on a lottery ticket, 34c is given back to the community, according to LotteryWest.

$4 Million Up for Grabs in Saturday Lotto

This weekend, once more, there is $4 million up for grabs in the Saturday Lotto, draw number 3235.

The game consists of eight balls which are drawn from 45. The first six balls are the winning numbers while the last two are the supplementary number. It should be noted that the minimum number of entries into Saturday draw is 4 games.

There are six prize divisions in the Saturday Lotto, and naturally, the more correct numbers picked, the bigger the payouts.

The odds of winning the Saturday Lotto are as follows:

Division 1 – 6 winning numbers – 1 in 8,145,060

Division 2 – 5 winning numbers and 1 supplementary number – 1 in 678,755

Division 3 – 5 winning numbers – 1 in 36,690

Division 4 – 4 winning numbers – 1 in 733

Division 5 – 3 winning numbers – 1 in 298

Division 6 – 1 or 2 winning numbers and 2 supplementary numbers – 1 in 144.

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